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Struggling for a silver lining

I'm usually a Pollyanna. I like to believe the best in people and circumstances. When crappy stuff happens I give myself a day to wallow/feel sad and then try to get myself out of it.

The framework isn't working so well this month.

The little dog had surgery for a torn meniscus.

The big dog had surgery to remove a mass, that turned out to be a nasty, fast moving cancer. (Here's a bit of silver for that lining - the cancer was caught early, and the treatment he's on should give us more time with him.)

My pulled hip flexor turned out to be a deformed bone and a significantly torn hip socket. Not muscular after all.

Members of my family and tribe are struggling with things, personal and professional.

But the true kickers? The game changers? The real tragedies?

We lost my husband's sweet Uncle Ray the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
We lost my husband's dad, my wonderful father-in-law Don last night.

At this point who even can know what to do?

Yes, the sunsets are still…

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