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I started writing a whinge of a post. Hubby out of town, lots of travel, stressful big projects at work and home and personally, am I tired or are my allergies acting up, why does it still feel like August outside, yada yada yada.

Rahree, STFU.

You have an awesome, challenging, inspiring job, and you get to work on super cool projects with excellent colleagues and friends. You just got home from seeing amazing works of art, both operatic and visual. You have enough discretionary income to buy paints and enough discretionary time (at least today) to experiment with them. (Hey acrylics! HOW YOU DOIN?) You have a gym habit with awesome pals who seem happy to see you even though you all are crazy and wake up at the ass-crack of dawn, and who encourage you even when you're not at the gym. Your family members and friends and neighbors and pets are healthy and safe. Sure, your pants could be looser and you could sleep a little more, but frankly those particular bitches are not unique to …

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