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State of the Art

Two interesting articles have come to my attention this week.

First is this piece by Anne Midgette of the Washington Post. In it, she speaks of the disconnect between the performing arts and their boards, and the subsequent conservatism in programming that results. She acknowledges the struggle that larger arts organizations -and, frankly, the system of supporting large organizations - is facing. And she ends with a call for reorganizing the orchestras and opera houses to bring creativity to all aspects of the process, not just into the rehearsal room or onto the stages.

Second is this piece by Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune, which tackles the changing cultural world. The financial structures put in place to support professional artists are shrinking, and the number of institutions has grown. The "exuberant expression of self" has given rise to more people making - art, music, literature, drama - and with that comes a shift in the way those makers want to consume culture…

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