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Do people actually still blog?

It seems a little outdated, a little longform, a little tl:dr. God knows I haven't been doing it regularly for years, but every once in a while my personal journal doesn't seem like quite I need to put something out into the wider world. And that, gentle reader, is exactly what you've stumbled across. I won't blame you if you click away, promise.

The reason for today's public navel-gazing might simply be the fact that things are feeling complicated and difficult, and the regular social media channels somehow seem less able to support something that isn't positive or humblebraggy (and let's be honest, I post aaaaaall kinds of that shiz), or if it's not something shiny, it's short and pithy and #keepingitreal.

(tl:dr it's been a shitty week. but maybe the shittiness will help me to prioritize what's really important? TO BE CONTINUED.)(Maybe.)

My older dog needs surgery (scheduled for next week) for…

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