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It's the MOST! Wonderful tiiiiiiiime.....

...of the yeeeeeear!
(Well, almost.)

We leave Friday to start our annual audition tour. It'll be my 12th, (how did THAT happen?) and I've learned a few things along the way. Indulge me, will you?

Get all of the socializing done at the beginning of the tour. If you cast the way we do, which is to wait until we hear everyone and then distill the talent into appropriate repertoire? The end of the tour is fraught with hearing the last of the auditions, cramming operas and their particular roles (and the sizes and tessituras of those roles) into your head, and casting various possible scenarios...which leaves you (read: me) unable to accomplish most regular non-operatic conversation. #dumbasaboxofrocksCarry-on. There's always one layover that is either ridiculous or completely stupid; Don't let your clothes/records/electronics get to your destination before (or worse, after) you do. Pack fewer things. My colleagues and I are going to see each other in the same outfit A LOT. …

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