Happy birthday, blog!

Eat all the cake you want!

It seems like a good time to start writing as I'll start a new job tomorrow.

It's my first office job in 10 years, and it occurs to me that I have no idea what to wear. I was contemplating buying something new, but couldn't bring myself to enter a mall on a Sunday afternoon. [And I need to get my roots done....hmmm. I really am more excited about this job than my appearance tomorrow might suggest!]

I had the great good fortune at my last job to work with an old friend. Often our conversations revolved around ways in which we could leave a job in a hugely flamboyant manner...not something that we could be arrested for, but something that would certainly burn us into the institutional fabric for many years. The best idea centered around scuba gear, pickup basketball and nudity. Oh yeah.

So wish me luck, Internet, on the eve of The Next Big Thing. I promise I'll leave the snorkel at home.

At least for the first week.


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