I am a slug.

Aforementioned new job means that i can get up later. And means that i have more energy in the evening.

And, to my credit, i did come home and do some cleaning.

But i did not work out.

And i ate WAY more of the trail mix that i brought to work than I should've. WAY more.

so i'm feeling gross. and it's too late to work out.

which would be okay if i didn't aspire to be buff-er and svelt-er by the time summer rolls around. but i do. and it's a-comin.

i gave up meat for Lent, and maybe the binge is a result of not getting enough protein?
or maybe i should've given up all of those magazines that show a beautiful land where cellulite doesn't exist, and if wrinkles arise they can be airbrushed out...

or maybe, just maybe, i need to back away from the trail mix and go walking tomorrow morning.


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