getting past the booze flu

Palm Sunday morning. No church for me, folks. No, I was sleeping off a touch of the booze flu. I'm now so lame that I can't mix anything, not even white wine and 2 sips of a margarita.

But did I stay in bed all day? NO!

[did i really REALLY want to? oh yeah.]

But it was beautiful outside...sixty degrees and sunny. A perfect spring day. So I threw on sneakers and went to walk in the park. And Hallelujah! The section of the trail's that's been closed for almost two years was OPEN! We had access to it for about 8 months after we moved in, and then have been gazing longingly through the orange fencing, wondering if we'd ever be able to walk on it again.

Oh, it was lovely. Hangover banished, blood moving, feeling good. Lovely.

So lovely that, after running some errands and such, I put my sneakers BACK on and went back. It was just awesome. One reason that I'm ok with our teeny little house is its proximity to the river and the park.

AND hubby somehow knew that I was feeling unsettled [that's another post] and snuck a lovey card into my Sunday paper. His sixth sense is working just fine.

A good Sunday.


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