Well, it's almost Easter.


I sang at a church in Pittsburgh for several years that advocated doing 3 things for Lent: giving up something, trying something new, and reflecting or praying daily. I think it's a much better approach than just giving something up. So I gave up meat [am still doing seafood, otherwise I'd eat only bread and cheese. Which actually doesn't sound so bad....], have been trying to get my butt
off the couch several days a week, and have been doing the reflection thing while doing the get-the-butt-off-the-couch thing. I think better when I'm moving.

My father invariably gives up watermelon seeds every year. Yep, he almost never cheats.

Being brought up Catholic, when you gave something up you gave it up for the duration and then earned that BIG pig-out session on Easter Sunday. But my Episcopal colleagues at my old school said that you get to eat what you "gave up" every Sunday, because each Sunday is a feast day.

And that, to me, is totally cheating.

I'm not a fanatic - I think that there is room everyone's views and beliefs - lots of doors and windows in God's house, right? But it makes me feel good to have set a goal and kept it thus far. If I can do this, maybe there are other things that I can do.

A brochure came for training sessions for half-marathons and marathons... I kept it. I might not do it, but it feels good to think that I can.

Was it Goethe that said that restrictions set us free? Whoever it was, thanks.


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