Sacred Saturday Morning

It's my favorite kind of Saturday morning. The kind when the sky is dark grey, it's drizzly and dreary outside and I can stay in bed, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, listening to music and dozing with impunity. Maybe do some laundry so that I can sit on the couch surrounded by toasty clean clothes...or not.

(realistically, not.)

My favorite part is daydreaming about new houses. As a kid we'd move every three or four years. In college the yearly schlep to a new dorm room, apartment or house was something I looked forward to as a way to shake up my life, purge all of the crap I'd collected over the past year, meet new people. To reinvent myself in a new place.

Moving to DC was a real trip. The differences in housing prices between DC and Pittsburgh? HA! We seriously contemplated getting the biggest refrigerator box we could find, parking it by the Potomac and calling it home. But a week before our wedding (!), we were lucky enough to find and buy a house in the DC area in 2003. It's a little townhouse near a national park, so there are great trails to hike. One of the things I like best is being able to walk by the river early in the morning.

But it's small. One bathroom. No porch or gas stove, two things that I really REALLY want. We could add both of those things, I know, but I'm not sure if the money would be reflected as profit should we sell it. And it just doesn't seem like a house that I want to raise a family in.

So my Saturday will be spent browsing ads, reading real estate stories. Drooling over homes with wrap-around porches and big kitchens. Weighing the benefits of condo living versus lawn maintenance. Wondering if you really can sleep on a "sleeping porch." Aaaahhh...

On the dogsitting front, Petey and Lucky have decided to pointedly ignore each other. Kitty wants to hang out, dog is not amused. I think we'll all sleep well tonight!


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