Hubby and I were asleep by 10:30. On a Friday night. And while I remember the days when we wouldn't even go out until then, there is no possible way for us to live that way. It doesn't not jive with our lifestyle [or lack thereof] or our schedules.

So we're lame. And we were awake and around by 7:30am. And we have no children. An ambitious, punk of a cat, yes. But he can be tossed off the bed with little to no guilt.

Speaking of scheduling, this summer will be another testament to the "We never see each other, so we get along FABULOUSLY" adage. I have only a slight idea of how intense this summer's work schedule will be...and it's starting, for all intents and purposes, in 2 weeks. I've heard that my boss has on more than one occassion slept in her office. And she lives only a few miles from the office.

I live across the river in another state.

I should probably put a nice outfit in my gym bag for just-in-case.

While I'm really looking forward to the excitement and the craziness [I know - you say that now, newbie.] it's going to be strange. Hubby finishes grad school in a month and a half. So as I'm gearing up for mass craziness, he'll be relaxing for the first time in 2 years. When I finished grad school and he entered his program, I have to admit that I was pretty bummed. He was stressed all the time, had no time to hang...and it's been like that for the past 2 years. I give him a HUGE amount of credit - he's been keeping us afloat financially at a stressful job that he only marginally likes while putting himself through school. So he definitely deserves the break. But I'm a little sad that I won't be able to hang out with him as much as I'd like.

I was trying to schedule a weekend out of town before things get nuts. It's not going to work. He's got too much going on a work, and a big trip for school [to China - how cool is that?] in the next month. I'm going to take a weekend off for graduation, but I think the next time that I'll get 2 consecutive days off will be in August. Seems like a long time away.

So I hope that he has time to work on his golf game. [Yeah, I know, my schedule is probably just breaking his little heart...all that time alone...might just as well work on his game...] And that come July, when I'm sleeping at the office, that's he's not too upset.

Today we have plans to meet some of his cousins at the Mall [the National Mall, not the shopping mall] for a walk and a picnic. Then this evening one of his classmates is having a house party. I hate meeting his classmates - I get so self concious.

Wish me luck, internet.


moe said…
good luck
The Internet
a.k.a. george

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