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one man's vice is another man's virtue

I was talking to my dad about exercise today. I'm trying to find a way to work out while working a crazy schedule.

He said that he does cardio every day.

He sits on the patio and smokes a cigar.
Gets his heart a-racin'.

I'm having an extra glass of wine with dinner.

Think of it as my "cool-down."


Holy pollen, Batman!

I'm whupped. And I just woke up.

It's the pollen. We've finally closed the house up and turned on the a/c in the hopes that our eyelids won't be glued shut with all the yellow stuff.

Or maybe I should just head back to bed...it is the weekend, after all.

But kitty had me awake at the crack of dawn. Ain't no snooze button on a hungry kitty. I know - I looked.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!



It's been a long time, blog. and I have lots to write about, but time just keeps getting away from me. This will be the K-version of event, named in honor of a good friend who I can talk to for 10 minutes and by the end of the conversation I am totally caught up on the important events and funny stories of the last few weeks of her life.

Oh yes, my friends, the efficiency is STAGGERING.

Here's the long and short of it:
  1. Hubby is back from his loooooong final trip. Graduation is in a few short weeks. And all of a sudden he's starting to act like the guy I married! It is truly awesome. I am so proud of him for all of his hard work, for kicking ass equally in school and at his job. And I'm so happy that he proved to himself that he could do it. And I'm also totally psyched that he won't be under such amazing pressure. He's superman, man of steel!
  2. My job is terribly cool. I get to participate in a small way in making beautiful art, but still have the stability of a real job. And I get to meet celebrities and artsy folks...'tis very cool.
  3. I've been trying to run [HAHAHAHAHA! "run" implies speed, but the actuality, galumphing, is not nearly as glamorous.] a few times a week. I dream about running, and in my dreams I am fast and graceful, like a Greek god. The reality is terribly disappointing, and half the time I start to heave and stop. But now I have a "Running Angel!" I was heaving my pudgy self down the C&O trail, and passed a tall, thin woman, stretching before her run with her weimaraner. She started talking to me, I started to jog with her because I felt that there was no possible way she could continue to jog as slowly as I was walking. She had run the Boston Marathon [! OMG!] and gave me a few pointers. And I think that the most important, truest thing she said was,"You'll feel so much better." Well, Angel, you were right on Thursday, and right again today. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow...
  4. Saw MI:3 yesterday {Date night with hubby! See #1} and I still hate Tom Cruise.
  5. Went to Loren Maazel's farm last week to see an opera that M, a good friend, was singing in. Totally surreal to be in a tiny, jewel box of a performing space on the estate of one of the world's greatest conductors.
  6. Volunteered at a formal event last week. It's always fun to break out the fancy dress! Less fun if said fancy dress is a wee bit snugger than one might hope. Even less fun if the temperature drops way lower than you were expecting.
Consider yourself ketched up.


12 hours difference

Hubby is in China, which is 12 hours ahead of us here on the east coast. He said he and his buddies had a beer on the Great Wall.

I think that sounds like on of the very coolest things to do.

My hubby is so cool.

Spent the better part of an hour trying to get online. And then the gods smiled and whoosh! I was on!
I think that I could more easily cast a spell or brew a potion than make my computer work. Praise the Lord for smart computer people who realize that there are morons like me out there, and can just MAKE-THE-COMPUTER-WORK.

Rock on, computer gods.


Devoted Wife - THE MOVIE

Hubby left for China this morning.

And left his insurance card sitting on the coffee table.

Scene: Wife sits on the couch, listening to the rhythmic click of Hubby's luggage wheels rolling down the sidewalk towards the cab. He's heading to the airport for an exotic trip to China.

Wife spies an official-looking document on the coffee table. Insurance cards!


Wife grabs form and sprints in her jammies and fuzzy slippers through the neighborhood toward the cab that is JUST PULLING AWAY. Realizing that she's way too slow to catch the cab, she takes a shortcut through the neighbor's yard, and reaches the road just as the cab passes. And no one sees the crazy lady, in the middle of the road, waving the very-important-piece-of-paper.

She rounds her shoulders and walks back into the house.

She contemplates spiking her morning coffee.

Instead, she gets ready for work.

(I didn't say it was a blockbuster, people.)



spent Saturday night sitting with a glass of red wine and crackers and cheese, watching CSI and catching up on reading blogs. a lovely, if totally lame, evening in.


spent most of the day running around, stocking up on tank tops at Old Navy, helping hubby pack for a long business trip. We went to a Greek festival at a local orthodox church. We weren't there for long - we were hoping to say hello to Hubby's co-worker Mike, but he was called away for a family emergency.

i love these big community parties. one of my favorite childhood memories was going to Aunt Grace's house in Morris Run, PA. There was a festival there once - i'm guessing it was Polish - that we went to when i was maybe 6. it smelled like deep-fried heaven, there was a polka band, and i just ran and ran and ran. There were tents and picnic tables and games. It was the ultimate good time in my tiny existence.

The Greek festival had the same things, except the kids entertainment had a big inflatable moon bounce, which definitely was not an available attraction when I was a child. Great music, Gyros from Mount Olympus, kids running all over the place... a great time.

And they had WAY better jewelry. Baubles from heaven. I wanted them AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!


So, the plumber showed up at 1:00, missing the "7:00am-12:00noon" time slot.

And a morning spent waiting and waiting led to all kinds of KICK ASS!

Fixed my tote bag. Painted the dryer screen to match the house. Stripped the tub and regrouted the surround. Planted two ferns. Went for a 90 minute walk. Patched the window screens. Made dinner for Hubby.

Oh, yes. I am WOMAN. I KICK ASS.

I'm going to run one more errand... and then I'm going to get chocolate and have a glass of vino. ahhhh.

[and shower. being a super woman is stinky work.]

waiting for the plumber

Oh yes, there is a little bubble in the kitchen ceiling. Right under the bathroom.
And, being that we are responsible homeowners, we have called the plumber to take a look and see what the dealio is. The alternative is having the bathtub end up in the kitchen while Hubby is in China next week. That'd be AWESOME.

Mr. Plumber is supposed to call when he's a half-hour away. My house is messy. And yet, here I am, playing hooky from work, sitting in my pjs with my second cup of coffee, 2 completed crossword puzzles and a similarly executed sudoku, totally ambivalent about picking up or getting into the shower before his arrival.

Hubby hates to have someone in the house with me when he's not around. He's freaking me out a little - "call me when he calls. No, call me when he gets here. Tell him I'm on my way home..." like I should expect Mr. Plumber to start chasing me around my tiny house with a hacksaw. Or even better, that he'll see me surrounded by newpapers and cat hair with my spectacular combination case of bed head and body odor and will say to himself "I don't care if she is married and smelly and messy - i must have her."

But it's a beautiful morning to be playing hooky from work. And he's supposed to be here by noon - PLENTY of time to be doing any number of things.

Like sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. Aaaahhh.