Devoted Wife - THE MOVIE

Hubby left for China this morning.

And left his insurance card sitting on the coffee table.

Scene: Wife sits on the couch, listening to the rhythmic click of Hubby's luggage wheels rolling down the sidewalk towards the cab. He's heading to the airport for an exotic trip to China.

Wife spies an official-looking document on the coffee table. Insurance cards!


Wife grabs form and sprints in her jammies and fuzzy slippers through the neighborhood toward the cab that is JUST PULLING AWAY. Realizing that she's way too slow to catch the cab, she takes a shortcut through the neighbor's yard, and reaches the road just as the cab passes. And no one sees the crazy lady, in the middle of the road, waving the very-important-piece-of-paper.

She rounds her shoulders and walks back into the house.

She contemplates spiking her morning coffee.

Instead, she gets ready for work.

(I didn't say it was a blockbuster, people.)


moe said…
Souldn't it be "Run, Rahree, Run"
moe said…
Oh, that is from me and not your brudda!

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