spent Saturday night sitting with a glass of red wine and crackers and cheese, watching CSI and catching up on reading blogs. a lovely, if totally lame, evening in.


spent most of the day running around, stocking up on tank tops at Old Navy, helping hubby pack for a long business trip. We went to a Greek festival at a local orthodox church. We weren't there for long - we were hoping to say hello to Hubby's co-worker Mike, but he was called away for a family emergency.

i love these big community parties. one of my favorite childhood memories was going to Aunt Grace's house in Morris Run, PA. There was a festival there once - i'm guessing it was Polish - that we went to when i was maybe 6. it smelled like deep-fried heaven, there was a polka band, and i just ran and ran and ran. There were tents and picnic tables and games. It was the ultimate good time in my tiny existence.

The Greek festival had the same things, except the kids entertainment had a big inflatable moon bounce, which definitely was not an available attraction when I was a child. Great music, Gyros from Mount Olympus, kids running all over the place... a great time.

And they had WAY better jewelry. Baubles from heaven. I wanted them AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!


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