waiting for the plumber

Oh yes, there is a little bubble in the kitchen ceiling. Right under the bathroom.
And, being that we are responsible homeowners, we have called the plumber to take a look and see what the dealio is. The alternative is having the bathtub end up in the kitchen while Hubby is in China next week. That'd be AWESOME.

Mr. Plumber is supposed to call when he's a half-hour away. My house is messy. And yet, here I am, playing hooky from work, sitting in my pjs with my second cup of coffee, 2 completed crossword puzzles and a similarly executed sudoku, totally ambivalent about picking up or getting into the shower before his arrival.

Hubby hates to have someone in the house with me when he's not around. He's freaking me out a little - "call me when he calls. No, call me when he gets here. Tell him I'm on my way home..." like I should expect Mr. Plumber to start chasing me around my tiny house with a hacksaw. Or even better, that he'll see me surrounded by newpapers and cat hair with my spectacular combination case of bed head and body odor and will say to himself "I don't care if she is married and smelly and messy - i must have her."

But it's a beautiful morning to be playing hooky from work. And he's supposed to be here by noon - PLENTY of time to be doing any number of things.

Like sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. Aaaahhh.


Nadinha said…
Oh, the poor, here in Portugal, the plumber~s are also late and expensive!!!!!!!!

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