stop the world!

oh, things are just soooo busy. Good, busy. And certainly keep-me-out-of-trouble busy. But busy nonetheless.

Symphony concerts last weekend and next. Opening night of the opera tomorrow...can't wait. It's soooo silly, and the music is so gorgeous...nice and light, like good champagne. And it doesn't take itself too seriously, which is really the best part. I really think that I do have one of the coolest jobs ever. And one of the things I like the most is that it's unpredictable...mindless data entry to sewing costume pieces to shooting the breeze with the famous musician/celeb du jour, I can never be sure what the day will bring.

Toss oodles of excellent music into the mix, and you have a job to look forward to. At least, I do. Can't really whine about that!


dumb-bunny said…
She's alive!!!! We have missed you! Talk to ya later sis! Don't forget to check out the bumb-bunny!I'll send ya the link!

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