I know that, at one time, I had a life... I must've had a life, with friends, and clean clothes and large quantities of bad tv and good ice cream... a life that did not revolve around rehearsals and plane tickets and trucking companies and hissy fits. I will remember. I WILL REMEMBER!!!

Wow, what a summer! {I shouldn't use past's not quite over yet...} Hugely gratifying, fun, exhausting some days. It's a real joy to work with people that I respect and like, and it's made the long hours and the drama {OH, the drama.} totally doable. It's been exciting, and fulfilling in a way that teaching never was.

I will miss the energy, the art, the fun when all of these wonderful folks scatter next week. They're a great bunch.

That being said, I am quite excited that things are winding down. Usually at this time of year I'm ramping up...mourning the end of summer vacation, preparing for classes, trying to get out of town one more time before life gets too crazy. But this fall things may actually be a little easier. A little more breathing room. Some time to get re-acquainted with Hubby. Aaaaa...boy am I looking forward to it!


moe said…
glad to hear that things are winding down cause last time i talked to you you was being on the mad busy crazy run. sorry, just had a flash of ali g go through my head.
i'll talk to you laters

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