...between what i want and what i think my hubby wants.

i want to be supportive - i'm so happy in my job that i want him to be as happy with his.

but i don't know if i can deal with the things that the job he wants would entail, and the sacrifices that we'd have to make.

i thought that we could finally get back to getting to know each other...the last few years have been pretty rough...i want our marriage to take priority. i don't know if we even know how to put each other first. or what the other wants.

i don't think that i can do three months or more without him around.



moe said…
hey sis,
all i can say, as your little brother with a big mouth, is to talk. if you just think you know what he wants, you could be wrong. i've been there, i thought i knew what c wanted but whoa, i was way off. and if you want marriage to take priority, then make it. and don't forget, i got your back my sistah.
love ya

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