laundry list

lots of things going on...none earth-shattering, but all good.

best friend from high school had her baby...he's gorgeous! Just wait 'til he finds out he's got one of the best families in the entire world...lucky baby.

saw one of my favorite groups play live on Thursday night. Went out to dinner before with the uncles here - the pepita-encrusted flounder was fabulous! a great night - danced the whole way home.

went home to da 'burgh this past weekend...dad gave me bulbs to plant, so that my dirt garden would be less shameful and ugly than it is now. (anything would be less ugly than it is now!) i planted these and these this evening. i have to say that playing in the dirt on a lovely fall evening is way more enjoyable than i thought it would be. and i'm actually a little interested in seeing how (if!) they bloom in the spring.

saw an american premiere opera in dress rehearsal last monday. moments of real beauty and agony... mostly intentional on both counts.

in-laws coming to visit this weekend. (i have to say that i totally lucked out in the in-law department. they're great.) but that means that we have this week to do all of the little repairs around the house, catch up on laundry and yard work, and go grocery shopping.

Lots to do. All good stuff. More about the trip to Pittsburgh and life in general in a few days.


TurboBoosters GO!

TurboCat went racing around the house...

...tearing up the stairs...

...turning the corner into the bathroom...

...leaping gracefully from the floor to the toilet to the sink....

except that the toilet seat was up.

End result?

A terribly disgruntled, sloppy-wet cat.

And a girl with a serious case of the giggles.


Dateline: September 14

The L.L. Bean Christmas catalog arrived in the mail today.



way too busy...

can't post...steeler game is on.

i love the peyton manning-in-the-guido-rug-and-stache commercial. cracks me up.

wait...do you smell that? SMELLS LIKE A WHUPPIN!

go steelers!


Son, be a dennntiiiiist!

When I lived in Pittsburgh, I had the great good fortune of having


Cute? Check. In a very wholesome, big-white-teeth kind of way.

Novocaine? Check. Lots. Used it with abandon...I'd be drooling for hours, but felt no pain.

Virtual Reality Glasses. Check. Honest-to-goodness movie watching while the drills were going...chuckling at the antics of Steve Martin and Michael Caine while having cavities filled. The bestest, most awesome kind of dentistry ever.

But we moved out of Pittsburgh years ago.

And my teeth have been suffering.

So I went to a new dentist. And he is a lovely, lovely guy.

Cute? Check. In a very wholesome, big-white-teeth kind of way. And he's a giant - honestly eight feet tall.

Novocaine? Check. Lots. Used it with abandon... drooling for hours, but no pain. Yay!

Virtual reality goggles? No. But I'm working on him.

But I've seen him three times in as many weeks. It's like I broke the seal, and now I must run to the dentist as often as possible.

Who knows? Maybe if my mouth ever stops aching, I'll bake a batch of brownies to say thanks.

Double-chocolate brownies.

Double chocolate caramel toffee brownies.

...and then I'll hit 'em with the virtual reality goggles when they're all sugared up. It's a evil plan, but betcha it works....