I'm home for Halloween!

Usually I'm not...rehearsal, lessons, school functions. Most years, the challenge is to leave the porch light off in the morning, knowing that by the time I stumble home it'll be pitch black and will take several minutes and a stubbed toe or two before I actually get into the house. But this year the stars aligned, and at 5:00pm I was headed home to pour sugar into the neighborhood urchins.

And then the real horror: DC traffic.

By the time I actually got home - 6:25pm, for the record - It had been dark for an hour, and most of the little tinies had already been by. Bummer! I have seen so far this evening:
1. a teenager in a big green top hat. Too old to trick or treat, but since he came in costume he scored.
2. three precocious little girls, one in the BEST long orange witch wig I've ever seen.
3. two little (4?5?) boys, a fire man and a construction worker, who ran the bell and walked right in. I handed them beers and steered them toward the couch and the clicker.

I'll take a half-dozen...

But I've got a bowl the size of my backside [BIG bowl] full of my-kinds-of-candy...

...the nightmare begins...


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