learning curve

Sitting in on 6 hours of auditions daily. It's amazing. Most of the people we hear are good - very good. But there is this small group that either totally knocks our socks off - in a good way - or makes us think. Heard some really great singing yesterday, and have high hopes for today!

But, because man cannot live on opera alone, I met a good friend for some supper and catching-up chat. He's a doll - sang for our wedding, so I will always have a soft spot for him - and somehow seems a little sad...Hopefully a trip home to the Land of Marys over Thanksgiving will have him feeling better.

Walking to a new building...must walk, as I am eating 2 times my weight in REALLY GOOD FOOD. I don't think that a bad restaurant would last very long in New York, as there are so many really good ones. The space is supposed to be very nice - I'm looking forward to it.

[I sound a little like Pollyanna. But the only way I would have more fun would be if hubby was here. Truly.]

More later.


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