Nicotine is a DRUG! WHO KNEW?!?

Things are good! Saw Papa in Annapolis this week - he was in town for a conference, and it's an easy (well, relatively easy for the DC area) drive out. We talked, walked around town, and smoked cigars at the dock.

Did I mention that I totally don't smoke? That my college buddies (and you know who you are) used to mock me mercilessly for looking so amazingly awkward when I tried. But it was a girlie vanilla cigar, and it tasted great walking around City Dock. We ate a wonderful meal at Treaty of Paris, where the waiter generously gave me my weight in brioche popovers to take home.(Run there now. They are worth their weight in GOLD.) A fab evening!

And then, the next morning came. And I felt like I had been doing shots and dancing on the bar, like I had partied like it was 1999, like I needed to sleep it off. I swear that someone had knitted individual, rancid socks for each tooth in my head. FROM A CIGAR.

No one ever told me that you could get a nicotine hangover. Well, even if they did, I probably wouldn't have believed them. But it's official - I'm old.

In other, non-substance-abusing news, I heard a great concert last night by two guys who are not only world-class players, but also super nice, sit around and bs with over a beer nice. This one grew up in this area, and this one was born in da 'Burgh, so you know they're stand-up. If they're ever playing a duo recital in your town, you should go. And bring french fries or cookies - it'll make them happy.

And finally, I am packing for a business trip. The first one I've ever taken that doesn't include 100+ horny high school kids. I'm excited, although with all the gear we're taking I'm feeling a little more like a pack mule than a business anything. Thinking of ditching the laptop in favor of leather boots...

more to come from the road - stay tuned!


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