spring cleaning

i'm either super early or super late as far as spring cleaning goes. I remember reading in a magazine that this woman cleaned her house top to bottom in the week between Christmas and New Years. Made room for the Christmas gifts that she'd received, got rid of the things that she didn't use, scoured the house so that when the new year arrived she could relax.

I'm SO on it.

I have this overwhelming urge to toss junk. To go through closets and purge. To bleach. Everything.

I'm sure that part of the urge springs from the fact that Hubby and I have been sick, either one or both, since the beginning of December. I want to de-pollute the place.

I am the germ-slayer. And I will PREVAIL!!!

So, hubby is camped in front of the tube after an early moring Dr.'s appointment and a new prescription for antibiotics. He has new movies to watch, the afghan on his lap, and a box of tissues by his side. And I have two rolls of paper towels, a bleach pen and a box of garbage bags. Rock and Roll!


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