the state of things

1. it was a bee-YOU-ti-ful, windy day. 74 degrees and sunny on December first. [And yes, we're south of the Mason-Dixon line, but only just.] I felt like I was in Florida.

(on a side note, and the holiday season notwithstanding, the thought of being in Florida was totally OK. I spent a Christmas/New Years in Florida years ago [Pensacola and Marco Island respectively]. While for many, boy-its-time-to-grow-up-and-make-some-choices, reasons it was a difficult time, the weather and terrain were lovely, as were the people that opened their homes to me. And I would totally move there, if I could move here.)

2. worked for 2 hours. went to a 3 hour luncheon with a lovely older lady - boy, do i hope i hold up half as well as she has! - and had put in maybe another 45 minutes of work before the power went out. Another half hour and i was on the road, headed for home. Totally sweet! Happy Friday!

3. Wine is good.

4. Holiday sweaters are bad.

5. XM took the opera excerpt off of their commercial. I'm bitter.

6. Hubby is golfing for a few days. Which means that the clicker is MINE! Currently watching an opera dvd. (see #3) If he was here, he'd scream bloody murder.

7. The women in my life [and you know who you are!] taught me that when the husband is away, the wife will shop. Looking so forward to the weekend! I figure that a thorough house cleaning will TOTALLY warrant a trip to the mall. Maybe I'll even buy a christmas present or two...

8. I have to work this weekend, but "work" will consist of wrangling choirs for a Carol Sing. When I think of what my employment could entail, I am so grateful that I get to play on a regular basis!

9. I need a pedicure.

10. See #3.

It's bedtime. Scouring the house tomorrow, then taking in a piano recital. [Russian rep - yummy!] G'night, John Boy.


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