air conditioning in January

The cold snap started last Thursday.

I know, because I stepped out of the shower and got a chill.

And I could hear the heater running. When a house is as small as ours, it's pretty easy to keep cozy.

Tossed on a bathrobe, padded downstairs to find that Hubby had left for work.


(Locked, of course. He's a stickler for safety.)

The cat was awol. I scrounged for any pair of footwear, tossed on hubby's overcoat over the bathrobe, and took my shivery bits and pieces outside to look for the cat. Called for the cat, trying to sound calm and enticing, rather than PANICKED AND COLD AND PRETTY P.O.'D. Waved to the neighbor - this one in particular always seems to catch me at my best...

Cat was hanging, like a true tough guy, under the grill right next to the house.

And now he yowls at the front door. And at us. Because we have cruelly caged this petite lion and have been feeding him meaty scraps that are pre-killed.

I can't wait for spring.


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