first day back to work...

...after a three day weekend. Bleah. It is suddenly cold and gray, dropping from the unseasonably lovely 70-degree weekend to a 45-degree normal ol' January day.

Had the world revolved the way I wanted it to, I would've stayed on the couch all day, moving slowly from coffee to tea to a glass of vino, with a book in my hand, a blanket on my lap, and a cat curled up on my feet.

Instead, I was up at the ass-crack of dawn, in my car shortly thereafter. Drove to another state to work out and, more importantly, shower, as our kitchen ceiling is now what designers call a "water feature." Picked up lunch - and dinner since I'm working the late shift - and found several emails from an overzealous colleague tha were all about the same darn thing.

But, in a lovely karmic twist, on this same craptastic gray day, I found out that I got both a promotion and a raise! Woo hoo! Pretty cool.

And the Fug Girls have ALL KINDS of new, Golden Globe-related posts. Deliciously vicious. Or viciously delicious? Both.

AND I found caramel pudding that's 60 calories and pretty damn good. I may actually be able to diet for another day!

Note to self - next time you feel like sitting on your ass on a crappy day, don't.


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