I love January first.

I don't necessarily love how my head feels [cottony], or how my kitchen looks [trashed], or even the weather [rainy & gloomy].

But I love the clean slate. The possibility that this year might be different. That anything could happen, and that said anything could enrich my life and the lives of my friends and family.

It's a good feeling.

Our original plans to spend New Years Eve revelling in Annapolis fizzled due to Hubby's lingering cough. But, as luck would have it, we ended up hosting an impromptu dinner for 4 close friends whose plans had also gone down the tube. Everyone brought food & drink, and it was a lovely, low-key evening. We were talking about 2007, and trying to ignore the groans and bitching surrounding 2006. [a colleague calls it "Two-thousand-sucks"] One couple is going to settle on their first house after 3 years of searching and discouragement. The other couple is having their first child. And while Hubby and I have nothing really on the radar, I have a good feeling about this year. We are open to lots of possibilities.

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2007. May you receive exactly what you need.

(And some stuff that you really, really want.)


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