so much to learn...

I know nothing.

Professionally speaking in this instance...we'll deal with the related personal truth at a later date.

So I know nothing. And it's really not for lack of trying.

I mean, I work in opera. I have 2 degrees in opera. I spent years as a choral/vocal music teacher before taking this job. Performed in choruses large and small. Played piano for classical recitals and music theater performances.

And I'm still amazed at the sheer depth of all-that-stuff-that-I should-know-but-don't.

But I guess that's the beauty of loving one's job...I'm actually going to enjoy learning about all-that-stuff-that-I should-know-but-don't. Pretty cool.

On a related note, tomorrow is Muck-Out-The -Stables day at work. Not real stables, thank the lord, but archiving files, tossing away the stuff we don't need, getting organized for the summer. Which is great since I've never really mastered the art of filing. Now the art of the Pile? I am a black belt.

So tomorrow my piles meet their destiny. And I get to wear sneakers. Sounds like a good day!


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