sunday morning

ahhh...a lovely, sit-0n-my-butt kind of morning. On the agenda for today:

  • grocery store for cleaning supplies, cat food, coffee, and other sundries.
  • walk in the park before it gets tooooo cold
  • making the rounds of houses for sale in Bethesda and Vienna and DC
  • take off chipped nail polish
  • perhaps a book or a movie in the evening
i love days like these! and, looking forward to the summer and the total lack of any such days, i'm totally OK with sitting on my butt today. no guilt.

in other 'news':
  • the ceiling is still leaking. i'm at the end of my rope with this...
  • kitty wants desperately to go outside - there are crows nesting in the park next door, squirrels that are mocking him from the garden [ooh - add 'buy birdseed' to the list!]
  • hubby still looking around for something fun to do...
  • the schedule for the summer is almost ready to go, and it's quite exciting!
  • mom had to put James, our old-man kitty, to sleep yesterday. A sad day, but he was really struggling. We got him when I was in high school, so he was about 18 years old. Good run, tiny meow.
have a great week, all!


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