the teacher's prayer

It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

And, like all teachers and former teachers, I am dreaming of snow days...

The phone rings at 6:30am. And you think,"who the hell would be calling at this hour?" And it's a colleague. The one who's name is right before yours on the phone tree. You take the call and giggle about not having to go in. Or maybe you grouse a little about how much ground your class will lose with the missed day, but really you don't mean it. You dig out the wrinkled piece of paper that has the phone tree list, call the person who's name is listed after yours, and as you hang up the phone you wonder, "Now...what to do with today?"

It's a totally free day!
You could go back to bed.
You could knock all kinds of things off your to-do list.
Or you could find a good book, grab another cup of coffee, and hightail it back to bed to read and doze...aaaahhhh....

Cross your fingers and hope that we get more than a few flakes at rush hour tomorrow..


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