when i grow up

Hubby had a big birthday last weekend.

SO this week we're staring at each other, trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives.
  • new job? maybe for hubby. not fer me.
  • new house? maybe, but has to be in the area so i can keep my cool job.
  • have a kid? maybe...are we ready? [is anyone ever?][does it really hurt as badly as they say?]
  • go on a diet? yes, please. jiggly jiggly jiggly...
  • start running? hah, hah - see above. jogging? maybe. walking, most definitely, hopefully with camera in tow...
the biggest thing on the agenda is getting hubby job happiness while still staying in the area and not taking too much of a salary hit....the biggest obstacle, really. but he's smart & personable, has an mba from a great school, is a hard worker when he wants to be...and he's cute! c'mon, karma, let's find him something fun and lucrative to do. it's only right that he should enjoy what he does for a living, right?

so c'mon, karma...give the big guy a break and find him something fun to do that fits my stupidly narrow parameters. [no shooting or being shot at, no 6-month off-site training schedule, no relocation to albequerque] and maybe if you do, hubby will name our firstborn after you. Deal?


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