suprise snowfall

Note to self:

If you're lactose intolerant, skip the mac and cheese.

Skipped out of rehearsal early this evening on account of the severe distress that made the most inner workings of my body scream "MUTINY!" I swear my kidneys were slam dancing... and not the wimpy i-wanna-be-punk dancing, but the "dude-i-think-i-broke-a-rib" kind of slam dancing. Damn.

In other, way more interesting news, we were the happy recipients of an unexpected snowstorm this weekend! Hubby and I had dinner in Baltimore at this lovely restaurant with some old friends and some new friends and had a great time. The weather report was calling for ice in the morning, so we were planning on staying close to home.

But when we opened the front door to get the morning paper, we were greeted with this scene:

How lovely! A perfect day to futz around outside, fill the birdfeeder and shovel the walk [more than once, but it was so nice outside that I didn't mind at all]. And after that, we made a big pot of pasta, opened up the curtains, read and napped and were generally lazy. Aaaahhh...

Here's to unexpected beauty.



So I'm feeling a little out-of-sorts lately. Not like I'm getting sick or anything, but like the gears aren't quite meshing. I was out of town last weekend on business, and couldn't orient myself to the city, so that was weird. Hubb and I got into a tiff when I got home, which never helps. And my hours at work this week are strange - I'm in rehearsal or auditions in the evenings, so my catch-up time with hubby is limited, which makes me feel a little more at sea. Not to mention that the rehearsals take place at my old workplace, which throws a little nostalgia into the mix. It's strange. Uncomfortable. Icky.

And for some reason I'm waking up at 3 am almost every night...too hot, too loud, too pinned-in-by-cat-and-man...so add a bit of fatigue into the mix. Lovely.

So bear with me - things are bound to get more interesting. Or at least more coherent.


back in the ussr

actually, back in new york for work. i can't seem to get my bearings this time...can't tell north from south, and i can't figure out where anything is. i had all kinds of plans for this evening, but am so tired and feeling gross. i think i'm going to stay in and get up early tomorrow morning...go for a walk, ready the sunday times...maybe hit church if i'm feeling good. am supposed to meet a buddy at the cafe where he plays - i just don't think i'm going to make it, even though i'd love to see him.

more auditions tomorrow. program notes and an article to write, a score to learn before rehearsal tomorrow.[oh, i've put it off for way too long and rehearsal on monday is going to suck, i'm afraid.] funny stories from today, although i'm not allowed to say until next week...

and i feel like i'm getting sick again. i'm done with not feeling well, however minor it is. bleah.

on a less-whiny note, had dinner with friends and Pretty Cousin on Friday, and it was great. 'Twas good to see them - it's amazing how many people I really like who live in my own city that I don't see often enough! And really, it's not for any reason other than we're lame or busy...things that really don't hold water. Cousin is a sportscaster for the NBC affiliate in town, and is chic and gorgeous - totally adorable, fun and whip-smart. Great fun to hang with, as was her friend who joined us. And K and J are good buddies who finally moved into their first house! So we got an update on the new digs, and the lack of road maintenance in the aftermath of the ice storm last week. Aahh...the joys of home ownership! So we chatted and ate, and were home by 10 [i am such an old lady] so i could pack for this little trip. Fab.

Changing into my jammies, writing my articles, and going to bed early. Later, folks.


it worked!

i had a day at home today. blissful.

baked an apple pie for valentine's day for Hubby.

clean house, flowers and chocolate, hubby on one arm and kitty under the other.

totally feeling the love.


snow day?

I may just get my wish... pajama pants on backwards and inside out. let's see if my snow dance works!


old age

So hubby and I are watching Flyboys. He because he really digs war movies. Me because Heroes is on in 10 minutes and my book is ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS. Way too far to walk.

And maybe it's just me - I did have a bit of an earache, and I do use earplugs on a regular basis. [You would too if you were married to a chainsaw. A cute chainsaw, but nevertheless.]

But the volume is up THE WHOLE FREAKING WAY.

My ears are bleeding. Seriously.


what a tease!

The weather channel says that it's going to start precipitating tomorrow afternoow and continue through Tuesday and part of Wednesday.

Dare I hope?

Or will it be another almost? All talk and no action? Rain when we're hoping for snow? One kind of blue balls or the other?

Being an eternal optimist, I am prepared for the best. I have a good, thick book to read. I have munchies to tide me [and hubby] over. I have new movies - just saw The Illusionist today, and will definitely be watching it again. [as i get older my taste in leasing men is totally changing...from Matt Damon and James Caviezel to Adrian Brody and Edward Norton...skinnier, not as conventionally cute and much darker characters...go figure...] I am totally prepared.

And, to be honest, I could take Tuesday off if I wanted to, snow or not. I have plenty of time to use at work, and on a business trip this weekend. And working next Saturday, come to think of it. So I could totally take some time off this week if I wanted to.

But I want the weather to dictate it. I want to be buried in the snow. I want to shovel the walk, throw snowballs at the neighbor kids...you know.

And then I want it to melt by Friday morning.



Thursday night I met a friend for dinner at a popular Chinese restaurant. As usual, I arrived early, and pulled a book out of my purse after I was seated.

The book was Augusten Burrough's Running with Scissors.

And I was reading about this amazingly dysfunctional [i think that word is totally overused, but psychotic sounds too negative, and weird simply isn't strong enough.] family. The Bible dipping, the reading-of-the-turds, the hair catastrophes. And every once in a while I had to look around... to see if the parents at the nearby tables could sense that I was reading about trashy things happening to children as they fed their offspring moo gu gai pan.

But really, I was looking around to see if anyone had noticed the book I was reading, and had smiled, given me a little wink, and nodded as if to say, "Yeah, me too."

As far as reading, I loved this book. Haunting, powerful, and outright frightening. An awesome read. Am starting Brothers by Da Chen this evening. Bought it in hardback - a real splurge for me! I'll keep you posted. And please forward any book recommendations - I have a train ride later this week!

My new most-favorite thing

I love this.


parlez-vous francais?

So a few weeks ago I was desperate to get a book. Couldn't find it anywhere except in English. I'm good with English - I speak it poorly every day. But I couldn't find a version in French, which was the thing I needed. God bless the internet, though - i found a website of a French company that I thought could help, and left a message on the contact portion of the site . And, having not really studied the language for many, many years, I probably wrote something like this:

dear sir or madam,
i would like you to me help. i want purchase the book, L'etoile. you can be helping me please?

(I sound like Balkie from that old sitcom about the cousin from Russia? remember?)

And, because the French are infinitely helpful and gracious, I was surprised by a package at my house this evening. A lovely manila envelope containing just the manuscript I was hoping for. And a letter that I'm sure is polite and helpful, but I can't tell. Not exactly anyway.

So, on that note, I'll forward you on to this site, to appreciate some French song. My favorite song is Sympathique, from an older text by Verlaine, I think...

Je ne veux pas travailler,
Je ne veux pas dejeuner,
Je veux seulement l'oublier,
Et puis, je fume.

{I don't want to work,
I don't want to have lunch,
I just want to forget him
and so I smoke.}

Vive la France!


lazy & lame = happy me!

hubby is at the gym and running errands. i'm in my flannel pjs, on my second, vat-sized mug of hazlenut coffee [it's stereotypically girly, i'm sure, but i love this stuff. like crack in the morning, must-have.], and have made a leisurely stroll through the Sunday paper. Aaaahhhh. feeling a touch under-the-weather, and debating going out for a walk [it's cold cold cold outside, but i'm been such a slug lately that i'm getting winded walking up the stairs. lame.] or going to church [and if any soul could use saving, 'tis mine.] but i may end up making potato chowder, finishing my latest book, and watching the super bowl. oh, what a tortured life!

i've been day-dreaming about traveling lately. partially because it's cold outside and i can do it from my couch. partially because the summer is so intense, and i'd love to get some time out of the office before the madness starts. i'll travel a little for work in the next few months, new york this month, miami in april. hubby has an interview this week, so he's not really feeling like we can go anywhere, and i respect that. (plus the fact that we still have a water feature in our kitchen... grrr) but i'm dreaming about flying to Venice, driving out to Deep Creek, visiting friends in Las Vegas or Atlanta. Found a $200 airfare from Baltimore to London that seemed too good to pass up. maybe if hubby gets the new job we can take a week in-between to play.

[and on a side note, after only traveling with 100+ student in tow for several years i'm still totally thrilled each time i have a business trip. no crushing responsibilities for me, just get my own butt to the appointment. no homesickness, no policing horny teenagers, no wishing-i-could-have-a-glass-of-wine-but-must-be-responsible-for-someone-else's-kids. i love grown up business trips!]

Had a great time with friends last night. ate WAY too much, drank a little too much, played with dog and baby and chit-chatted... a fab evening. Love those folks!


the road to hell...

is paved in blueberry cobbler.

We're headed out this evening to catch up with some friends. I'm surprised they still talk to us, what with the crazy summer schedule that i had, the past two years of hubby's OMIGOD-WILL-I-MAKE-IT-THROUGH-SCHOOL panic that have made us patsy out on just about every attempt to get together...

Well, I'm not really surprised. They're much cooler than we are.

And, to boot, D and I went to high school together. We lived through the big-haired, Depeche-Mode soundtracked, dry-college-town version of American Pie.

And because of that we will always be friends.

Because we both have pictures and stories of how amazingly stupid we were. Aaahhh, the unbreakable bonds of blackmail and humiliation.

All kidding aside, I love these folks. And when the schedule finally jelled, I was responsible for dessert. 'Tis a small enough price to pay for a lovely, relaxed evening catching up with friends and playing with new bebe!

But I haven't seen them in so long...what kind of buttery sweet goodness would show them that I really cared? I borrowed two cookbooks from colleagues. I found at least 10 recipies on epicurious that I thought would be fabulous. I got the recipe for pumpkin bread pudding with bourbon sauce that is one of the BEST THINGS EVER. IN THE WORLD. I would bake a masterpiece worthy of kings and archangels that would taste so good and yet somehow not kill with excess lard. Holistic, loving, chocolatey, fruity goodness would lead the way.

Loaded up with sugary ammo, I made a plan to get up early, hit the market and do a little shopping, put the majority of the dish together and then finish cooking it/warming it up at their house during dinner. I went to bed feeling smug in my plan to bring a fabulous, amazingly tasty dish to dinner.

(fast forward 6 hours)

Morning came too soon. Not enough coffee, too cold outside of bed and why is everyone so loud? (nope, folks, not a hangover, just a old woman.)And I couldn't decide between fruit or chocolate, brownies or a pie. Ice cream or none? Warm or room temperature?


And then, the perfect (?) solution.

Work called.

Baking was no longer an option. Had to get to Virginia early.

I will still be bringing a fabulous dessert. (Thanks to my secret weapon.) And what's better, is that there' s something different for everyone AND enough to share. I wil shower them in not-homemade-but-still-pretty-tasty-sugary-goodness.

(But I will still wish that I had been able to do it myself. )