back in the ussr

actually, back in new york for work. i can't seem to get my bearings this time...can't tell north from south, and i can't figure out where anything is. i had all kinds of plans for this evening, but am so tired and feeling gross. i think i'm going to stay in and get up early tomorrow morning...go for a walk, ready the sunday times...maybe hit church if i'm feeling good. am supposed to meet a buddy at the cafe where he plays - i just don't think i'm going to make it, even though i'd love to see him.

more auditions tomorrow. program notes and an article to write, a score to learn before rehearsal tomorrow.[oh, i've put it off for way too long and rehearsal on monday is going to suck, i'm afraid.] funny stories from today, although i'm not allowed to say until next week...

and i feel like i'm getting sick again. i'm done with not feeling well, however minor it is. bleah.

on a less-whiny note, had dinner with friends and Pretty Cousin on Friday, and it was great. 'Twas good to see them - it's amazing how many people I really like who live in my own city that I don't see often enough! And really, it's not for any reason other than we're lame or busy...things that really don't hold water. Cousin is a sportscaster for the NBC affiliate in town, and is chic and gorgeous - totally adorable, fun and whip-smart. Great fun to hang with, as was her friend who joined us. And K and J are good buddies who finally moved into their first house! So we got an update on the new digs, and the lack of road maintenance in the aftermath of the ice storm last week. Aahh...the joys of home ownership! So we chatted and ate, and were home by 10 [i am such an old lady] so i could pack for this little trip. Fab.

Changing into my jammies, writing my articles, and going to bed early. Later, folks.


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