So I'm feeling a little out-of-sorts lately. Not like I'm getting sick or anything, but like the gears aren't quite meshing. I was out of town last weekend on business, and couldn't orient myself to the city, so that was weird. Hubb and I got into a tiff when I got home, which never helps. And my hours at work this week are strange - I'm in rehearsal or auditions in the evenings, so my catch-up time with hubby is limited, which makes me feel a little more at sea. Not to mention that the rehearsals take place at my old workplace, which throws a little nostalgia into the mix. It's strange. Uncomfortable. Icky.

And for some reason I'm waking up at 3 am almost every night...too hot, too loud, too add a bit of fatigue into the mix. Lovely.

So bear with me - things are bound to get more interesting. Or at least more coherent.


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