lazy & lame = happy me!

hubby is at the gym and running errands. i'm in my flannel pjs, on my second, vat-sized mug of hazlenut coffee [it's stereotypically girly, i'm sure, but i love this stuff. like crack in the morning, must-have.], and have made a leisurely stroll through the Sunday paper. Aaaahhhh. feeling a touch under-the-weather, and debating going out for a walk [it's cold cold cold outside, but i'm been such a slug lately that i'm getting winded walking up the stairs. lame.] or going to church [and if any soul could use saving, 'tis mine.] but i may end up making potato chowder, finishing my latest book, and watching the super bowl. oh, what a tortured life!

i've been day-dreaming about traveling lately. partially because it's cold outside and i can do it from my couch. partially because the summer is so intense, and i'd love to get some time out of the office before the madness starts. i'll travel a little for work in the next few months, new york this month, miami in april. hubby has an interview this week, so he's not really feeling like we can go anywhere, and i respect that. (plus the fact that we still have a water feature in our kitchen... grrr) but i'm dreaming about flying to Venice, driving out to Deep Creek, visiting friends in Las Vegas or Atlanta. Found a $200 airfare from Baltimore to London that seemed too good to pass up. maybe if hubby gets the new job we can take a week in-between to play.

[and on a side note, after only traveling with 100+ student in tow for several years i'm still totally thrilled each time i have a business trip. no crushing responsibilities for me, just get my own butt to the appointment. no homesickness, no policing horny teenagers, no wishing-i-could-have-a-glass-of-wine-but-must-be-responsible-for-someone-else's-kids. i love grown up business trips!]

Had a great time with friends last night. ate WAY too much, drank a little too much, played with dog and baby and chit-chatted... a fab evening. Love those folks!


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