the road to hell...

is paved in blueberry cobbler.

We're headed out this evening to catch up with some friends. I'm surprised they still talk to us, what with the crazy summer schedule that i had, the past two years of hubby's OMIGOD-WILL-I-MAKE-IT-THROUGH-SCHOOL panic that have made us patsy out on just about every attempt to get together...

Well, I'm not really surprised. They're much cooler than we are.

And, to boot, D and I went to high school together. We lived through the big-haired, Depeche-Mode soundtracked, dry-college-town version of American Pie.

And because of that we will always be friends.

Because we both have pictures and stories of how amazingly stupid we were. Aaahhh, the unbreakable bonds of blackmail and humiliation.

All kidding aside, I love these folks. And when the schedule finally jelled, I was responsible for dessert. 'Tis a small enough price to pay for a lovely, relaxed evening catching up with friends and playing with new bebe!

But I haven't seen them in so long...what kind of buttery sweet goodness would show them that I really cared? I borrowed two cookbooks from colleagues. I found at least 10 recipies on epicurious that I thought would be fabulous. I got the recipe for pumpkin bread pudding with bourbon sauce that is one of the BEST THINGS EVER. IN THE WORLD. I would bake a masterpiece worthy of kings and archangels that would taste so good and yet somehow not kill with excess lard. Holistic, loving, chocolatey, fruity goodness would lead the way.

Loaded up with sugary ammo, I made a plan to get up early, hit the market and do a little shopping, put the majority of the dish together and then finish cooking it/warming it up at their house during dinner. I went to bed feeling smug in my plan to bring a fabulous, amazingly tasty dish to dinner.

(fast forward 6 hours)

Morning came too soon. Not enough coffee, too cold outside of bed and why is everyone so loud? (nope, folks, not a hangover, just a old woman.)And I couldn't decide between fruit or chocolate, brownies or a pie. Ice cream or none? Warm or room temperature?


And then, the perfect (?) solution.

Work called.

Baking was no longer an option. Had to get to Virginia early.

I will still be bringing a fabulous dessert. (Thanks to my secret weapon.) And what's better, is that there' s something different for everyone AND enough to share. I wil shower them in not-homemade-but-still-pretty-tasty-sugary-goodness.

(But I will still wish that I had been able to do it myself. )


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