suprise snowfall

Note to self:

If you're lactose intolerant, skip the mac and cheese.

Skipped out of rehearsal early this evening on account of the severe distress that made the most inner workings of my body scream "MUTINY!" I swear my kidneys were slam dancing... and not the wimpy i-wanna-be-punk dancing, but the "dude-i-think-i-broke-a-rib" kind of slam dancing. Damn.

In other, way more interesting news, we were the happy recipients of an unexpected snowstorm this weekend! Hubby and I had dinner in Baltimore at this lovely restaurant with some old friends and some new friends and had a great time. The weather report was calling for ice in the morning, so we were planning on staying close to home.

But when we opened the front door to get the morning paper, we were greeted with this scene:

How lovely! A perfect day to futz around outside, fill the birdfeeder and shovel the walk [more than once, but it was so nice outside that I didn't mind at all]. And after that, we made a big pot of pasta, opened up the curtains, read and napped and were generally lazy. Aaaahhh...

Here's to unexpected beauty.


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