what a tease!

The weather channel says that it's going to start precipitating tomorrow afternoow and continue through Tuesday and part of Wednesday.

Dare I hope?

Or will it be another almost? All talk and no action? Rain when we're hoping for snow? One kind of blue balls or the other?

Being an eternal optimist, I am prepared for the best. I have a good, thick book to read. I have munchies to tide me [and hubby] over. I have new movies - just saw The Illusionist today, and will definitely be watching it again. [as i get older my taste in leasing men is totally changing...from Matt Damon and James Caviezel to Adrian Brody and Edward Norton...skinnier, not as conventionally cute and much darker characters...go figure...] I am totally prepared.

And, to be honest, I could take Tuesday off if I wanted to, snow or not. I have plenty of time to use at work, and on a business trip this weekend. And working next Saturday, come to think of it. So I could totally take some time off this week if I wanted to.

But I want the weather to dictate it. I want to be buried in the snow. I want to shovel the walk, throw snowballs at the neighbor kids...you know.

And then I want it to melt by Friday morning.


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