Black Pants

Every girl needs a good pair of black pants. Late to work? No problem - black pants and a sweater set. Night out? Sexy camisole and black pants. Working backstage? Add a black shirt to the aforementioned pants. Good at any time of year - no one says you can't wear black after Memorial Day, right?

It is with sadness that I announce the demise of my favorite pair of black pants.

A former roomie and friend bought this particular pair of pants for me many years ago. [in 2000 maybe? 2001?] At the time I couldn't find anything I liked in the pants realm. A teacher and scientist with a different body type [not so Crisco - fat in the can], she must've tried on as many pairs as I would've. They were from the Express on Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, just a few blocks from our cutie apartment, and I have worn them faithfully for years. They've been to bars and concert halls, moved furniture, brunched with in-laws. They've been indispensable.

But tearfully, I have to retire them. I've ripped and resewn both hems, replaced the hook, but finally there is a crotch tear that I can't fix. Or be seen in. ;)

And so I have to not only say goodbye to these faithful friends, but I also have to start a search for my new BFF black pants. A totally daunting task.

Many, many thanks to KLM for the wonderful, wonderful gift.


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