the calendar says friday...

...but the universe says Monday.

Weather? Craptastic. Rainy, cold, turning to sleet and snow. Lovely.

Work? Bouncing back and forth between intern interviews [fun] and payroll spreadsheets [not fun]. Colleagues ordered in Chinese food, which totally saved my life. Nothing wrong with me that a little bit of lo mein can't fix.
AND left work early, which would normally be good except that everyone else in DC, suburban Virginia AND suburban Maryland was also trying to get onto the beltway to get home early due to the craptastic weather. And because I left work early in order to take el gato to el vet.

The Vet? The cat got into the carrier with no problem "Hey, what's this? I think I remember this...this is my box! I love this box! But wait - why are you closing the door? What's going on? Oh God, NOW I remember!!!! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" Which, in cat-ese, translates to Meow miaow, meeeeeOOOOOOW. For the whole ride to the vet. And the whole ride home. No guilt here, noooo sirreee...

I'm so happy to be home. Watching Scrubs, with a glass of wine and a half of a dark chocolate bar. Whew! Hope you're all enjoying your Friday night!


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