Flat Stanley!

Spring is in the air, and nothing signals the return of warm weather and longer days like the return of Flat Stanley! A year or two ago, my nephew T sent Stanley to us to spend Spring Break in the Nation's Capital. On a Sunday morning (are you sensing a theme? I LOVE Sunday mornings.) I took Stanley down to the Tidal Basin...we took pictures with Lincoln and FDR, went to the Jefferson Memorial and looked out over the Potomac River into Virginia. It was a lovely morning, and was pretty fun for both of us! My niece P is reading the book in school, so Stanley is en route to us again. But I'm wondering what my homey Stan and I are going to do this spring... we could go here...
but I think he probably gets enough nature out in western PA... Maybe I'll take him here or here... it's certainly easy enough! But is it cool enough?


Dr. Bobb said…
I think Flat Stanley should go HERE.

Dr. Bobb said…
Duh, my link didn't work. Try this.
rahree said…
you, teenage bamm-bamm, are seriously twisted.

in the best kind of way.

we HAVE to go there! and i will definitely post pictures of Flat Stanley SCREAMING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!

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