i love DST part 2

I got home from work, and had enough time to go for a walk in the park!

AFTER work!

Granted, I had to haul ass to make it home before dark, but that was the purpose of the walk, right?


Tomorrow I have an appointment with a dermatologist - my first one ever. I'm hoping that they can cure this weird allergic reaction I'm having, as well as look over my skin to see if it's OK. While I'm not technically a sun-worshipper, I have caught more than my fair share of rays. I like to be tan! The appointment means that I have a little extra time in the morning... the appointment is on my side of the river, so I'm going in to work late. Which means I'm going to hopefully hit the trail again tomorrow morning!

Hats off to good weather, good sneakers, and a little bit of stolen time! {let's just hope the sneakers win...the bed has evil powers...}


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