i love heroes.

the tv show. i am totally addicted, to the point of making-sure-i-get-home-before-it-comes-on. I am a slave to the boob tube.

in other, equally worthless news, kitty has a new toy....a stick with a string tied to it and a multicolored mylar pompom attached to it. it is kitty crack cocaine...even better than catnip. It whistles through the air with a rustle that Mr. Sir finds totally irresistable. Even this very minute he is hovering by my leg, willing me to pick up the stick and whip it around.

but, as you know, there will be no whipping...Heroes is on. And Syler is about to go crazy. Gotta go!


moe said…
it's all starting to come together but we have to wait til april 23rd?
that is horrible.
i think there's gonna be a fight between peter and sylar. and yay for hiro!!! yatai!!
like the hair cut. it must be the season for chopping hair cause c cut her's too.
payton loved the ecard and after the 5th time i had to say enough is enough.
take care
Dr. Bobb said…
What is this Heroes business? It may be the one show I'd be eagerly awaiting every week, yet I've never seen it. Because that's the night I have to travel out of town and stay with my mother, and she makes me watch Grey's Anatomy or CSI:Bankock or some other such nonsense. And my husband won't buy me Tivo. And I'm too lazy mto work the VCR.
rahree said…
tivo is totally worth it, if for no other reason that you can watch stuff you like when you're up at 2am and can't sleep.

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