i want that hour BACK!

taking stock on Sunday...

...lost an hour.
it's officially daylight saving time!

And it's a beautiful day, to boot. And, due to the lost hour, a late show last evening and a fun morning brunch with J and L, I am finally firmly ensconced in the Sunday paper. I should be tidying up the house, doing some laundry, culling my wardrobe of all the crap that is-too-good-to-toss-but-makes-me-look-like-Crisco. [fat in the can] but no, I am pretending that it's raining outside, and am reading about the Catholic Archbishop turned Moon Cult Groom. A strange story...even for someone who considers herself somewhere on the Catholic continuum [somewhere between trying to be a good person and yeah, the crusades...I'm totally going to hell already, aren't i?]. The story is here, if you're interested. Why do I feel like this story, while weird, isn't all that weird? And that maybe the weird thing is that the Church still requires priests to be celibate? Maybe there'd be fewer problems if they were? Call me crazy...

OK, that took a more serious turn than I wanted. Sorry.

In other, lame news, I am allergic to something. I'm not sure what, but am thinking it's the new, super swanky hair goop to go with my new swanky 'do. Dammit. My mother is allergic to everything - mold, pet hair, grass, tree pollen, strawberries, tomatoes...and it seems that I might be, too. You'd think that, after getting both her figure and gray hair that I might actually luck out and not inherit her scabby skin condition. But nooooooo....I totally inherited leprosy. Ew.


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