Spent the better part of today running errands...trying to find someone brave enough to fix our little, unintentional water feature...rescheduling a piano tuning...buying a suit for the press club announcement of the summer season...visiting the allergist... going to the gym. It turns out that:

  • Our tiny little leak will take 3 people to fix: the plumber to fix the pipes, the Lowes installers to put in the new shower doors, and the contractor to close up the hole in the ceiling. One more and we'll have a flippin' barbershop quartet...
  • Piano tuner coming in April. no hurry, as it's really been 3 or 4 years and two moves since the last tuning. I'm in noooooo hurry.
  • Bought 2 "suits" - will probably keep the pants, but I'm not so sure about the jackets. Let's be honest: I'm just not really a suit-kinda-gal. I like the thought of them, but I'm always a little tenser - and sweatier - when I have one on.
  • Allergist, a shy, rumpled, very attractive man. And I feel totally safe in saying that he's HOT, because I have no allergies and will never see him again. Oh, the irony...
  • Went to the gym and remembered why I don't go to the gym at 5:00 after work. I had to FIGHT for a cardio machine, and Creepy Guy [ you know him, he's overly interested in your workout and never, never, wipes down the machine after he uses it. Disgusting.] and his evil twin took the machines on either side of me. I ellipticalled (is that a word?) until I was a one-woman oompah-band, with the bouncing of my flabby ass providing the syncopation to the right-left drum beat of my feet. Do I get extra points for hating it the whole time I was there and still sticking it out?
C'est tout. Do you hear that? It's a glass of pinot grigio and Seinfeld reruns calling my name...


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