my real list is even longer...

ok, so after bitching yesterday about losing an hour to daylight saving time, i have to say that it was super nice to get out of my class tonight and drive home in the daylight. so Yesterday-Rahree, shut yer yap. Today-Rahree is so much cooler that you'll ever be.

To do:
  • wash car
  • clean the inside of the car
  • twice [it's really grubby]
  • mani-pedi
  • garbage out
  • update my pretty, fancy-schmancy new pink leather calendar [I know. Pink! Crazy.]
  • daydream about taking a vacation here or here or here
  • buy a lightweight sweater that'll transition from now to summer. That's not black.
  • think about buying a suit for the season announcement press conference.
  • spend the money on these instead.
  • get a part-time job to cover my spending spree. s. plural.
Boy, that's a lot of things to do. I may have to call in sick tomorrow...


Dr. Bobb said…
Annapolis, San Francisco, or ITALY, and you have to choose? Maybe the extra sunlight has addled your brain. Me, I still don't like Daylight Saving Time, as it gives the colorful foot traffic in my "historic" neighborhood more time to lumber around like zombies and frighten me when I'm walking the dogs. As you may have guessed, zombies creep me out.

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