Oh, Virginia...

Being originally from north of the Mason-Dixon line, at times I have to reorient myself to Southern life. But this is one of those things that I can't make sense of...

If you're a young woman in Virginia, the state has decided that you must be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease. Let me go on the record and say that I think that being vaccinated against HPV is a good idea, as the link between it and cervical cancer is well-documented. However, I'm not sure that 1.) it's not sexist to say that only girls need to have the vaccine...I mean, guys can get the virus , even if they can't get cervical cancer - and how do these folks think that it's spread to women? Hello?!? and 2.)I'm not a huge fan of old men issuing mandatory anything pertaining to reproductive health. Hands off my equipment, boys - I'll make those choices for myself.

In seemingly non-related news, you can still smoke indoors in Virginia restaurants and bars. You can have dinner in DC or Maryland without encountering a cigarette, but not in Virginny. Yes, I'd like my sea bass smoked with essence of Marlboro, please.

So here's my question: if the Good ol' boys in the VA government feel so strongly about reducing cancer rates that they'll vaccinate young girls, and since the effects of secondhand smoke on women are documented, why don't they make smoking indoors in public places illegal?

C'mon Jimmy-Bobby-Joe, iffn yer really goin' to take care of yer womenfolk, do it right or leave us alone.


Unknown said…
Please don't try to make sense.

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