old ball and chain

Two of my favorite people in the world are celebrating their ten year anniversary this evening!


K was my housemate freshman year...she took me in so I didn't have to live with The Exhibitionist and her skivvy boyfriend. We spent waaaaay too much time at a certain fraternity house first semester where - say it ain't so - they'd give us FREE BEER just for being GIRLS. As in the NOT GUYS kind of GIRLS. And, after getting shitty, we'd sing depressing duets all over campus. For fun.

And it was! Fun!

And she met T, who was not as into the singing depressing music all over campus in the middle of the night (although does a mean "Age of Aquarius"), but was a wonderful, sweet, totally-left-of-center kind of guy. (Left-of-center as in gets-the-singing-but-isn't-drunk-enough-to-play-along. )

They are fabulous individuals, and being able to spend time with both of them AT THE SAME TIME is like winning the lottery.

You wish you had friends this cool.

So, because I'm lame and in a different state than K and T, here's my toast: To all the lessons learned, all the new experiences that lie ahead, and, most importantly, to facing them together. Thanks for being great teachers, great role models, and mostly, great friends.

I love you guys. Here's to ten more! (and ten after that, and after that, and after that...)


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