primal scream

so we've been looking for a new house. casually, but still looking.

for over a year, now.

And there ain't nothing for us. Nothing in a neighborhood that we like , that is also a price we're willing to pay. (Caveat: we know that we're not going to get everything we want out of a house, but we're not willing to pay gajillions of dollars for an out-of-date rancher or split-level in a so-so part of town. We'd pay less than a gajillion for that. Period. And we're not looking for a gift. Well, maybe I have dreamt about someone willing us their mansion or winning the lottery, but that's a different post.)

Just spent another hour surfing the online listings, looking for open houses that are even remotely interesting.


If only I could move my i-love-my-job job to somewhere less expensive! But then, if I could, there probably wouldn't be enough demand to justify my job.


Drowning my stupid sorrow in diet pepsi and magazines.

Edit: Went into DC to look at a sleek a rough part of town. I am officially on hiatus from house-hunting. Stick a fork in me - I'm done.


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