random notes on a midwinter evening

Not much going on today...it's still too cold and too dark to be brilliant. Or witty, even. So here's the placeholder.

  • Took my first Pilates mat class last night. Did you know that you use your abs to sit up? Sit down? Climb stairs? Get in and out of the car? Carry heavy bags? I know. Oh, boy, do I know...

  • Was passed on the beltway by a 1990-something Honda 4 door that was painted a bright pinkish-mauveish color. Turned off the highway before I had a chance to see who was driving it...anyone hazard a guess? Drag queen? Old School Avon Saleswoman?

  • I missed 9 on this... damn you Iowa...

  • Hubby is lying on the floor in front of the tube, and the Cat-Shark is cruising around the coffee table, stopping to bite his toes or - better yet - jumping on his belly. Better than tv, I'll tell ya.

  • I always aspired to play Rachmaninov well, and the c minor is one of my favorite pieces. I wish I had help like this.

  • It's supposed to snow 1-3" tomorrow. Which means that we'll get .5", and the news will hype the event so much that Montgomery County will close the schools. Wimps. That being said, I would totally take another snow day.

OK. This was lame. I'll try to string a few more-better thoughts together tomorrow.


Unknown said…
It took Doug, Alex, and me 9:42 seconds to get all 50. We almost missed out because we couldn't agree on how to spell Massachusetts.

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