Sunday evening

I spent the early part of 2007 on a diet. It was good - I dig structure, and because I wasn't "allowed" to eat every single bite of every foodstuff that I laid eyes on, it actually worked. But then I started slacking off, started not writing down what I was eating, rounding down portion sizes when I did write them down.


[And it's like cheating at solitaire. Worthless. If you're going to cheat, it should help you to win, not to lose. Wait...that didn't come out quite right.]

So I took last week off. Chinese food for lunch? Bring it - and make it crispy-fried. Scones for breakfast? I shouldn't but, well, why the hell not? Chocolate? Yes please. All of it. I know you're holding back some....PUT IT ON THE TABLE AND BACK AWAY.

To kick off this week's re-start I have totally stuffed my piehole with pasta, wine and chocolate. To the point where, I must admit, I'm feeling more than a little ill.

So here's to diet version 2.0. If I succeed, I think that I will have to add these to my little stable. Hello, lover....


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