I have probably said more than once that I married into a great family. Not that my own family isn't great - heck, they understand why windows are preferable to a/c, why cheesecake is God's way of telling you that you are loved, and why people who don't have pets (plural) don't quite get it. {mom, I'm working on that last point.}

But I have to say that I have totally lucked into a great, wonderful, fun clan on my hubby's side. Firstly, my in-laws are awesome. And I know that people only say that when they think their in-laws are reading their blog, but mine have limited access to the internet and I STILL THINK THEY'RE AWESOME. How's that for an endorsement?

Secondly, my hubby has a great group of cousins. They like each other, they hang out. One of the first family events that I accompanied Hubby to was Cousins Weekend. One Cousin, Big D, has a house on this beautiful lake, and opens it up to his wife's crazy Slovak family (of which I am now a part!) and their spouses. And they gave each other shit all weekend, and we ate and drank and swam and boated, and had a generally great time. They accepted me with open arms, with no reservations, and for that I will always be grateful.

So Saturday evening we met several cousins for dinner at this restaurant [great food, by the way...a lot like this restaurant, but in a different part of town] to celebrate little M, recently adopted by Cousins T and MJ. Cousin T [CT] helped us house-hunt when we first moved to the area, took us under his wing, and has been invaluable. And, to boot, he's a super nice guy. And MJ? Beautiful, wicked smaart, and sweet as posies. A great couple destined to be fabulous parents. I'm just bummed that between them and Cousins C and T [equally fabulous - wonderful people, successful, and moreover so warm and fun], the bar has been set WAY TOO HIGH. I may have to stick to raising cats, moss and bathroom mold rather than children. Ever.


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