wait....g spot?

No, it's not a porno or a sexual self-help book.

It's a quiz! Not graded! Open book! In fact, you're guaranteed to not fail!

Here 'tis.

And here's a picture of the site's mascot, appropriately named "Spot."
Cute little bugger, isn't he?

Anyway, it's a way of ranking your preferences and seeing where you fit best. Do you prefer being in a small town or a city? Do you love the plains, or does big sky make you agoraphobic? Do you lean towards the left or the right? Do you dig snow, or hate to shovel snow? The choice is yours!

It is a fabulous daydreaming aid. I'll enter my preferences for climate, terrain, and population level, tell you how much I'm willing to pay for cool digs, and good ol' Spot up there spits out a bunch of cities for me explore! With only a tiny amount of slobber - a small price to pay!

Granted, some of the picks may seem waaaaay off. They probably are. But hey! Spot can't even read! Cut him some freakin' slack!

My results have expired, so I'm going to take it again. You take it, too, and tell me what your top 3 places were. And the one spot that made you say "What? Really? Bad dog. Baaaaad dog!" Post it in the comments, or email it to me and I'll post it.

See you in...aw, man...Carlisle PA. BAD DOG.

EDIT: OK, here are my top spots:
1. Portland OR
2. Boston MA
3. Baltimore MD
4. Hartford CT
5. Providence RI
6. Seattle WA
7. New Haven CT
8. Norfolk VA
9. Long Island NY
10. Chesapeake VA
11. Honolulu HI
12.Carlisle [BAD DOG!}
13.Worchester, MA
14. Charlotte NC
15. Baton Rouge LA
16. Little Rock AR
17. Cape Cod MA
18. Eugene OR
19. Washington DC
20. San Francisco CA
21. Las Vegas NV
22. Charleston SC
23. Jacksonville FL
24. New York NY


Dr. Bobb said…
Top 3: Hartford, CT; Providence, RI; Worcester, MA.

Bad Dog: Baltimore. Thanks, but I don't like to creep through packs of rats to get to the theatre.
rahree said…
One of hubby's best friends lives in B'more. Hubby refers to it as a "tier 3 city" on every possible occasion, just to rub it in.

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