Wild Thang!

One of the great things about working outside the beltway is the chance to run into wild creatures. And while, during the summer, most of the "wild creatures" are middle aged, zinfandelled yuppies stumbling around the lawn trying to find their blanket and singing at the top of their lungs, at this time of year the creatures are much more serious, and more beautiful.

(Although I totally think he's telling me to get off Drudge and back to work. )

But one of the things I really love about both the place I live and the place I work is that they're both across-the-street (literally) from National Parks. And yet they're both enough to DC that it's no big deal to grab dinner in Van Ness or Georgetown. So I get the best of both worlds - the access to culture and, hello, awesome food - while still being able to see deer and rabbits in my yard and hawks outside my office window.

Picture taken by KPW.
(Kool PianoWoman, my boss!)


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